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Audio Internet Marketing – Seven Top Ways Audio Can Influence Purchases

September 18th, 2016

Adding audio to your websites and blog is a great way to increase the content your offer visitors. Audio provides a new communication strategy that broadens your product offerings and marketing tools and motivates purchases. Here are seven top ways audio can help to motivate purchases as an internet marketing tool.

Audio in Internet Marketing

1. Audio is one of the best ways to let people you may never meet in person get to know your personality. This is one of your biggest assets as the owner of a small business and audio makes it extremely easy to communicate your personality to your audience and target market group. By listening to you, people can come to like you as a person. Psychology shows that people will be more likely to purchase from you as a result. Use audio messages to connect with your audience and influence them to get to know and like you. Even a simple welcome message is a great start.

2. Audio helps promote you as an expert in your field. People buy from people or companies they consider to be an authority or expert in the industry. Audio is an exceptional tool for you to use to demonstrate your authority on your niche topic as it lets you provide extended information in a short period of time. Even 5 minutes of hearing you speak with authority has a lot of impact. Produce how to audio messages, interviews and lessons as tools to demonstrate your authority on a topic.

3. Audio Adds Proof. People often make purchasing decisions based on the opinions of others. This is called using social proof. This opinion is particularly important if those “others” are people your target market respects, admires, or desire to be like. Easily tap into this social proof trigger by interviewing experts in your field and posting audio testimonials on your website.

4. Audio is easy to produce. Nothing beats the ease of producing an audio product. You can use free audio software such as Audacity or purchase audio recording software to use. Normally all you need is a good microphone that hooks right into your computer to start recording audios. You can write out a script or talk about what you know without one. An audio can be completed in a few minutes and uploaded to your website for your target group to hear.

5. Audio is versatile. You can easily take the audio you produce and create other information products. Get the audio transcribed and you can have an ebook, book or home study program. That means, you do the audio once and recreate it into many different, effective formats. Learning to work with audio is a valuable tool in this modern business world.

6. Audio is transportable. Because you can download an audio file to an ipod or other portable device, it remains one of the most popular ways to share information. Being able to transport the audio to other areas makes it highly convenient. Being able to listen to recordings at will when it’s convenient increases the audience base.

7. Audio is Comforting. People love to recognize a voice. Don’t you enjoy hearing the voice of your favorite person on the telephone? What about hearing an actor in the distance; doesn’t that peak your interest? The same goes when people start to get accustomed to your voice. Hearing a familiar voice can be very comforting to people. Let people get to know you through your audios and you create a fan base, while developing and growing your business opportunities.

Expand your internet marketing possibilities and tools by exploring the dynamics of using audio. You can upload audio to websites, blogs and social networking sites with ease. Audio can easily be expanded into audio programs, information products and other radio shows.

Audio on Your Website

September 18th, 2016

In years past, putting audio on a website was more of a slow loading “oh wow” factor used on personal websites to impress techno geeks. In 2008, thanks to high-speed technological advances used by most everyone, Audio on a website is a great marketing tool! Audio on your website connects your site viewers and potential customers to your products and services like never before, through an audio, visual and interactive format.

In our last article we discussed the importance of showcasing your customers positive feedback and testimonials on your website. Can you think of a more powerful from of “word of mouth” to showcase, other than just that – the “words from your customers mouths” – on your website! After reading last weeks article, one of my marketing savvy clients immediately came to me asking how we can record his clients reviews over the phone to present on his website. It’s a great idea, and I’m excited to help him with it! I would be happy to help you do the same thing on your website!

Top Reasons To Add Audio To your Website

1. Customers remember what they hear more than what they read. People remember only 20% of what they read while they remember an astonishing 70% of what they hear! Three and a half times more! Your audio message will help you to stick into the minds of your customers longer.

2. Audio boosts your trust & credibility factor. Voice adds personality to your website and helps customers identify with you. Customers buy from people who they feel they know and trust, and using audio can help you communicate this.

3. Audio puts you miles ahead of your competitors. Using audio successfully on your site gives you a major competitive advantage. Most businesses don’t even think of using this marketing tool – be sure you’re leading the pack.

4. Your site will stand out! These days most people have computers capable of playing streaming audio and will find it a welcome and refreshing change from boring text.

5. Audio is cheap and easy to use. Being able to put audio on your website isn’t limited to just techies or companies with massive budgets – anyone can do it! Most of the programs available don’t even require you to know HTML or flash.

I’d be happy to help you put together an affordable plan of placing compelling audio on your website! Feel free to call or email me anytime!

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Audio Product Creation – Latest 4 Methods to Use For Multiplying Your Audio Product Creation

September 18th, 2016

Audio marketing has taken the online marketers world by storm, and is recognized as a very powerful tool for getting valuable information out to potential customers. There is much competition, and it’s growing by the day. MP3s and CD series are so competitive that it’s jungle in this field nowadays. If you decide that this is where you wish to do business, you ought really to learn a few ways that you can best make your products stand out from the crowd.

Here are 4 methods to multiply your audio product creation:

1. Confidence counts. You must be sure about your expertise and ability, as you need to assure your listeners, and consider your credibility. So certainty about what you’re saying is of utmost importance. Get your message across with absolute conviction and don’t ever use any words that can seem uncertain. Don’t hesitate, pause for too long or stutter. If nerves get in your way, this is something you need to deal with too; you cannot afford to be nervous.

2. Ideally you need a recording studio; you could even build your own, which would certainly be more cost effective in the long run if you decide this venture is for you. The advantage of having you own studio is that you can guarantee the quality of your equipment, and not have to rely upon anyone else.

3. Pace yourself properly. You must learn to control yourself so that you go at steady pace for that will be comfortable for your listeners. It would help if you had someone like the equivalent of a conductor, who could suggest how you sound when you’re recording yourself. This would also be good as a second opinion for you.

4. Pick your topic with care. Of course your may be able to write about your favorite interest, and that’s OK, if, and only if, there’s a hungry market for it. Once you have found the interests of you potential clients, then you can offer them tutorials, guides, and other media that will show them step by step, how to empower themselves and improve their lives. For instance they may want to know how to get their website noticed, so create a product that will show them how to optimize for search engine optimization.

Points to Remember When Marketing a Video

September 18th, 2016

Just a couple of years ago, emails have dominated the most of the marketing and selling strategies, but just years after that, email is slowly losing its magic. People are now more interested in video and audio marketing. However, we must agree that not all videos would sell to everybody. It needs marketing as well.

How to market a video is one tough goal and would need a long time before one can even decipher it. But when you know what you do, and you know the points to remember when marketing it, then there would be no problem at all. These points to remember are:

One, it focus on the positive points and not on what you are short of. Would anyone want to hear about the things and aspects that you do not have? Of course not, anyone out there are eager to discover what you can give them so you got to work your way on promoting their positive attributes. Bank on that aspect.

Two, give them facts or proofs of what the video can do to them. It is inherent to us human beings to doubt on things that we do not know of. Feed on this doubt and give your prospective audience the proof so to wipe away the feeling of doubt in their system.

Finally, promise only what you can do. Yes it is a positive point that you swear you are telling the truth in marketing your video. But remember to promise only the things that you are sure to give them otherwise; you may earn them first but will lose them eventually because of not keeping your promises. As long as you keep track of these points when marketing your video, you will have the results you are looking for smoothly and by the dot.

Audio Marketing – An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

September 18th, 2016

Whenever I suggest to a client that they consider adding audio to their marketing and product development projects, they come back with some version of “low class and tacky!”

Truth be told, I used to think so too. Equating audio on the Web, or in my marketing materials as some version of Friendly Henry the Used Car Guy or The Ronco Pitch Man blasting from late night television.

No longer. Using audio for online and off line marketing, or even product development, has enabled many professionals to bypass their own limitations, and serve their market much more effectively. Much can be accomplished with either low-tech tools, or simple online services.

A long-time colleague of mine, Sabrina Braham, readily admits that she just doesn’t like to write. However, as a therapist, consultant and coach, speaking comes naturally. Earlier this year, Sabrina developed a new podcast-based websiteas a primary service and marketing strategy. She regularly interviews a successful woman leader, and then posts the interview on the site, and announces the new post. This process is all supported by using a simple online audio service I had shared with her.

Teleseminars have become popular marketing and product production tools. By offering a seminar by phone, listeners all over the country can gain the knowledge they seek, while everyone gets to stay home, have their own favorite snacks, and lounge in their comfortable clothes…even the presenter. Recording the teleseminar takes no fancy equipment. Just use the same service both Sabrina and I use which is inexpensive and always available. It even helps you make the player for posting on the web, or allowing people to download the audio file, or both. (Don’t know how to do teleseminars? Check out Jeanette Cates’ great “Teleseminar Basics” training program. She has all the tips and tools needed to get you started, at a price you’ll appreciate.)

— You may also choose to record your phone coaching sessions as a bonus for your clients. With “Next Step Coaching” the on-demand coaching program I developed recently, each of my clients gets a recording of their session. Since it’s a suggestion/action item rich session, a client can download and listen any time they choose. This makes keeping track of and implementing action items so much easier when you can review the original brainstorming session.

— You can use an audio file itself as a product, adding the handouts and support files from a teleseminar, or do what I sometimes do-I offer a copy of my notes for the teleseminar-the notes I use to keep the content on track.

— Or, use the recording as the base for electronic books, workbooks, and special reports by having it transcribed. “You’ll be writing at the speed of sound,” as Jeanette says.

Just don’t wait for a teleseminar. Ask a colleague to interview you about your area of expertise or interview the experts you know. Have the recording transcribed and use all or part of it to produce multiple books and reports.

Special web-based transcription services can return a Word document within 36 hours from a clear recording. Do go to the effort of having it edited and then formatted to make sure your clients and customers see the value of your information as much as you do.

To go even further, consider developing a regular radio show focusing on your market and with the experts you already know. Raven Blair of Women Power Talk Radio has done just that. She has been able to showcase her expertise with the interviews and guests she interviews on her shows. She is now sharing with others how to do what she has done.

==My favorite use of audio==

Use audio to build your mailing list and give a piece of yourself to potential clients and leads. Record one of the marketing presentations you’ve given to a business group. Then offer to send new contacts a CD of the presentation for only the cost of shipping and handling. (About $5-$6) Because CD’s are so inexpensive to produce, the shipping and handling will cover your full costs, including production. You will have a new lead to put into your keep-in-touch marketing program and they get to hear the full story about how you can be helpful. A real Win-Win!

Consider adding audio this next year. It could make a huge difference in profitability and marketing in your business.

Earn Additional Income Using Audio

July 17th, 2016

If you would like to yield your close up addition notch, you charge to use able address during promotion. It is actual important to advance a business in an accomplishing way as this gives acceleration to earning best profits. It will aswell accredit you accomplish your adapted prospects.

Can business audio absolutely plan for me?

Audio business has been adapted into addition anatomy of anarchy in the apple of business on the internet. Due to the top akin of success it has achieved, a lot of web owners are now application audio.

Using audios is able of breeding best sales for you. This will eventually advice you accomplish a lot. It is consistently recommended that audios are included in your plan during business and promotion.

You would be traveling boilerplate if you are employing business techniques that are inappropriate during business promotion. It is awful basic that you accept a acceptable plan so that you can accomplish all the aims and objectives of your organization. This leads to added accumulation and leads. This anatomy of advance can absolutely advice you in accustomed out actual business procedures. When application audios on your website, you can accomplish massive cartage which will advance to added sales.

You cannot become acknowledged from application bootless strategies during the advance of your products. If you admiration to allure added audience and aswell accomplish added sales, it is axiomatic that you charge to bazaar your business appropriately. Application audios in business is a actual audible adjustment of business on the internet.

Promotions Via Audio – The Best Choice

Nowadays, a lot accomplished professionals on the internet are employing this address and application it maximally. You too can defended accumulation and bolt abeyant buyers if it is acclimated in your business behavior and plans.

Without employing able strategies during marketing, your business would abide stagnant. You charge to acquaint assorted products, services, brands and business with adherence and ability as this is important for accepting immense benefits. The use of audios during business is become so accepted in the apple of internet business today. This is because abounding promoters are in fact application this method.

This anatomy of advance aswell goes a continued way to allure abundant affairs to your site. This ultimately leads to skyrocketing sales. For the account of accepting massive traffic, abounding firms are now application able forms of business during their campaigns nowadays. If you ambition to advance your online business in an able manner, you will do able-bodied at it application the appropriate business techniques. It is top time you fabricated top profits and got acceptable acquirement as well.

Why Not Try Audios?

A amount of business companies out there are now application audios as a allotment of their business process. If your aggregation can aswell try this anatomy of marketing, there is a agreement that the aggregation will not alone abound but sales will absolutely increase. This advance to added profit. Be acquainted that every aggregation runs just accomplished with a different archetypal of business.

Audio Marketing – Discover How to Upload Mp3 Audio With a Player on Your Business Blog For Free

June 15th, 2016

Your audio can be acclimated on your blog, your acknowledge you page and even sales letter. You can even accept downloadable versions for your affairs and followers to download or calmly accept them to just listen, and allotment to their followers.

Which means, your plan gets syndicated, aggregate and bookmarked. What’s abundant about accepting audio, is you can calmly just put a microphone on and use chargeless software, afterwards accounting a word. You can even use your mp3 that has admired agreeable to be transcribed.

The claiming is, how can you upload the audio with simple accomplish and it has it’s own audio player? Here’s the answer:

Recording Your Audio First

Download a chargeless software alleged Audacity. Plug your microphone and columnist record.
When you are done and edited annihilation you wish out, again save it as an mp3.
Now Google this website name DivShare Professional Media and Certificate Sharing
Create the annual to alpha uploading
Create a new account
Check your email and confirm
Now, upload your mp3 on divshare website and accord it a a minute to uploaded.

How To Add Your Audio To Your Business Blog

We’ll be application as the blog but you can do this to any of your business blogs because what we will be accomplishing is just demography the cipher we get and abode it on our blog.

Click on your audio and it will acknowledge a allotment button
Choose bury and archetype the bury html cipher
Now, go to your blog and change it to an html architecture so we can adhesive the cipher to the physique of an article
Great! Now adhesive the cipher and columnist save

That’s it! Congratulations. You accept now got your own own audio on your blog. You can see that it has an audio player.

You can aswell go aback to the chargeless annual of divshare website and change settings. If you don’t wish humans to download but just listen, again you alone charge to beat some boxes.

Try it aswell by uploading your audio on your abduction page or acknowledge you page. All you got to do is about-face whatever software you use to a html architecture to adhesive the code, and you’re done. Your audio can play anon afterwards your affairs enters your website.

If you’re not into autograph and feel you wish audio again that’s a abundant way to appoint your audience. Maybe you wish a aberration on your blog.